tiny camp
tiny camp in process


Tiny Camp

Oil on cradled birch panel

18 x 18 inches



Painting commissioned by Dr. Wendy Aronson, New York, NY



I've summered in Tiny Camp for 67 years.  It's got a bathtub on feet, and my baby-bed-after-my-crib.  It's a surrogate for the family I no longer have. 

Jeanine's grandfather taught me to swim longer ago than I care to admit.  We're neighbors, and share a lifetime of reminiscence.  

When I saw the paintings Jeanine did of her own Camp, I instantly knew I needed her to paint mine.  A friend said that Jeanine's interiors "look like Alice Neel is painting rooms."  Emotionally intense, the pictures convey passing time.... portraits of rooms now only in our memories.  Her perspective surprises; her inclusions and omissions enhance; her color sense charms.  Jeanine's work is figurative, but it is done with an expressionist's hand.  It is unmistakably contemporary.